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Slater Athletics

Bangor Area High School


Slater Athletics

Bangor Area High School

Slater Athletics

Bangor Area High School

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2017-2018 Student-Athlete Guidebook

2017-2018 Slater Athletic Handbook.pdf

2017-2018 Student-Athlete Guidebook

Parent/Coach Communication Plan

Parent-Coach Communication Plan.pdf

The Parent/Coach communicatin plan is designed to give parents direction in addressing any concerns and issues with a coach.

Fund Raising Approval


All fund raisers need to be approved prior to taking place.

Fund Raising Activity Report


At the conclusion of the fund raiser a report must be submitted to the athletic office.

Conference Request Form

Conference_Request_ Form.doc

Form is to request permission to attend a conference/clinic. All requests must be turned into the athletic department.

Conference Expense Form


This form is turned into the athletic department after the conference has been attended.

Conference Summary Report


Form is to be completed and turned into the athletic department after the conference has been attended.

Field Trip Request Form

Field_Trip_Request Form.doc

Fill out and complete for any field trip you are interested in taking. Forms must be returned to the athletic department.

Use of Facilities

Use of Facilities revised updated Oct '13.doc

Any individual or group requesting to use any of Bangor Area School District's facilities must fill out the facility use request form.

Impact Testing Dates and Times

2015 Fall Impact Testing Dates.doc

Fall Impact testing dates.


Colonial Leauge
Official website of the Colonial League

District XI
Official Website of District XI

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Website

Criminal Background Check
All coaches must have Act 34/Act 114 Clearance.

Child Abuse Clearance
All coaches must have act 151 clearance.

Finger Print Clearance
All coaches must have fingerprint clearance.

Cardiac Arrest Training
All coaches must complete Cardiac arrest training.

Mandatory Reporter Training
All coaches must complete mandatory reporter training.

NFHS Concussion Course
All coaches must complete this course.

NCAA Initial-Eligibility Resource Index
The NCAA’s outreach and education efforts related to initial eligibility continue to remain a priority. These efforts are centrally focused on the NCAA Division I requirements for college-bound student-athletes enrolling on or after August 1, 2016. The following documents and presentations will assist colleges, the high school community, coaches, as well as students and parents with the initial eligibility, recruiting and college selection processes.
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