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Slater Athletics

Bangor Area High School


Slater Athletics

Bangor Area High School

Slater Athletics

Bangor Area High School

Team News.

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:59AM by Andrew Hartzell

Uniform Return

All HS Girls please return your CC uniform to Coach V at the HS to his room. Please put them in a bag with your name in the bag.  At the latest turn them in at the Banquet on 11/17.

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:35AM by Andrew Hartzell

State Meet

Anyone who is able please join us at Hershey this Saturday 11/3 to support Morgan O'Brien and Marino Bubba iAt the PIAA State CC meet.  Their race goes off at 12:30PM

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:31AM by Andrew Hartzell

CC Banquet

The CC banquet will be Nov. 17th at 3PM at the MS.  Athletes are Free all other are $10 each.

Team News

7 months ago @ 11:27AM by Andrew Hartzell

Today's meet is moved to tomorrow

Today's meet is moved to tomorrow 9/26. No Practice today.

Hi All.


Salisbury Home Varsity/MS Cross Country will take place in the Lehigh Parkway in Allentown on Tuesday, 9/25.  This will be the 3rd straight year we have competed at this location.



From 78 take Lehigh Street (North toward Allentown). Turn left onto S. Jefferson Street (at light at Parkway Shopping Center/Arby's on your right). Wind down the hill and turn left onto Park Drive at the five points intersection. Follow Park Drive to the Lehigh Valley Roadrunners clubhouse for the starting line. 

Results will be emailed later that evening. Please make sure this gets conveyed to your coaches.

Cars should park on hill above stone bathroom facility on the grass.  See bus information below.

Thank you.


Lehigh Parkway reminders for 9/25

1.       Busses:  Busses ARE NOT PERMITTED to be parked on the road.  You may drop students off and then park at the Police Academy, or you may park by the Parks Office once Parks staff have left for the day.  Blocking roadways in any way is PROHIBITED.  If you have any questions about parking at the Police Academy, you may contact Sgt. Pammer at


2.       Traffic:  Our Parks Maintenance Staff leaves at 3:30PM, shortly after everyone arrives for the meets.  Just a reminder to PLEASE BE ALERT OF ANY CAR TRAFFIC WHEN CROSSING THE ROAD.  We do not want anyone getting hurt.


3.       Bathrooms:  Our parks bathrooms WILL BE LOCKED on meet days.  Portable restrooms are located by the bridge by the LV Roadrunners Clubhouse.  


Monica Deeb

SMS/SHS Director of Student Activities
610-797-4107 x 2504
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